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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ahh the weekend!

Happy fall hoomans!

Alpha and I were finally able to snag the computer from Ashley for a few minutes to give you an update. We found a new dog park close to our our home! There's always lots of friends there to chase. I usually end of being the one chased because I just like to run, so I tire all the other dogs out. One dog is mean and bites me, his alpha is more like a beta and doesn't have much control over him. Most dogs are nice they. Alpha is teaching me to drop what I'm doing when I hear a whistle and run to his side, I'm getting pretty good at it.
We also play hide and seek inside. I follow him everywhere, but sometimes I lose him and he hides in a dark closet until I find him. Sometimes he even scares me!

Our Boston Terrier that's made of honor ::LILO, call her Nessa, you're grasp of the English language isn't what you think it is:: FINE. I'll be BORING like you :p  Alpha and Ashley's friend NESSA (boring title, I like mine better) will be here in less than a week! This is an exciting event. I'm hearing many many fun things are planned and I can't wait!
AND Alpha's pack mate, Danel is returning from Colorado where he has been hunting prey since April! More excitement!!!! Alpha says he's been hunting prey that are under the water; water is scary! I don't go near it without my PFD. I bet we get to go hiking and camping lots more with Ben and Danel!!

Ok, time to watch more College Gameday. Why don't any teams have an Aussie mascot?? Alpha added more pics to my slideshow on the right side of my blog. Click on it to watch more!! Here's a sample:
That's me when I get myself stuck on a rock ledge.. I knew I shouldn't have been rock climbing.

Me and Ben in the mountains in Pisgah, NC! More in my slideshow!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I haz fun!

Now that I'm nearing my first (hooman) birthday, Alpha is taking me on all kinds of adventures! I decided to take a quick break and summarizes my recent adventures until Ashley gives our computer (and pictures!) back for me to fully update you.
We went bear hunting in North Carolina; Alpha says it was just camping and hiking, I know he secretly had be track bears though.
I'm the proud new owner of a kayaking life jacket (picture included)!
We're getting a roommate! All I know is that she's a Boston Terrier made of honor. ::Adam cutting in here, she's FROM Boston, like the terrier, and she's Ashley's Maid of Honor. Read that dictionary I bought you and stop watching Bolt.:: But John Travolta as Bolt is so perfect!! And I love Rhino!
Anywho, Vanessa the Boston Terrier made of honor (:p) is moving in soon. MORE PEOPLE!! Woohoo!
More updates and pictures to come!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Car Ride

Quick update hoomans!
I got to go for a car ride just now!! Alpha says I shed too much for the backseat, so he makes me ride in the BACK! The windows don't go down back here!! I've decided to rest my head over the seat and drool on it. Muahaha!
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are you ready for some football!!?

So I'm hanging out with Ben this week (one of Alpha's brothers) and he lives near the place he goes to learn new tricks everyday. It's the same place Alpha learned all his tricks too! I hear this strange tap-tap-rata-tat-tap every afternoon. It's very exciting, Alpha says it's a katydid and it means FOOTBALL is here. I have no idea why a grasshopper means football. ::Not katydid, CADENCE. Seriously, pay attention, or I'll make you sit everytime I say something.:: OOOhhhh that makes more sense. I'm still learning about football, but I've figured out the main goal is to get the person with the funny shaped ball (which would be MUCH more exciting if it was YELLOW) and that's a game IWANNAPLAYIWANNAPLAY!! In a related story, Alpha started play soccer again recently. It was very entertaining. He was panting more than I ever have after only 15 minutes of playtime!! And BOY did I have a hard time not chasing after that yellow they had!! Although it was white, so it wasn't completely irresistible to me. I've decided that all hooman sports involve chasing some form of my Yellow or chasing a hooman who has a Yellow!! How exciting!! So many games so little time!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello n00bs!!

For those of you wondering what a n00b is: YOU ARE ONE. I'm hanging out with Alpha's brother and all his friends this week. These guys are always having fun, they never stop just like me!!!!
Aaron snapped this photo of me while I was pwning some kids with my BR (that's a Battle Rifle) in Halo 3 on the XBox. Whoever the n00b (that means newbie) was tried making excuses about why he sucked, I made a joke about his mom and that shut him up. Stinkin 8 year olds, think they rule the gaming world. Anyways, I just grabbed the Sniper Rifle, time for some killer HEAD SHOTS! More fun to come!
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Time for some perspective

Hello petters. My name is Koda, I'm Ashley's master. I act all cute and cuddly and she melts. I can't be resisted. I demand they feed me the good food. None of that crunchy dog stuff. Gimme the people food. That nuisance of a hair ball Lilo has invaded my domain yet again. My pack of Mo and Molly are organizing a sneak attack as we speak. Lilo's Alpha gets in the way. We must obey him, as he is the Alpha. He hypnotizes me somehow and convinces me to pretend to be dead. He finds that amusing. Someone has taken my squeaker; time to go break some knees. HEY! Step away from that bone or you'll lose that paw... I need to be pet, are you people just gonna sit around and read this or pet me? Right behind the ears please.

Left to right: Me (Koda), Molly, Mo.
Enough of this nonsense. It's time a boss dog set the record straight. We're not all excitable herding dogs. Some of us like to rule you humans.
::KODA! Get off my computer! Play dead!:: Can't.. resist.. must.. act.. dead...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bear hunt!


Alpha's pack mate Danel is in a faraway rocky land. ::Not a rocky land, the Rocky Mountains:: OH, that place John Denver sang about? ::JOHN DENVER?!? Ok no more messing around, I'm seriously putting your iPod in a locked box:: Gotta catch me first, bumblehead! BUT in this faraway Rocky Mountain Land he goes on hunts all the time and sees LOTS of fun prey!! Alpha said they saw a BEAR! I want to catch a bear. I would run in circles around it until it fell over and then I would scare it with my bark. It would yield to my superiority. I would be the Alpha of the Bear! ME! An Alpha! A pack leader! Oh I can see it now on the National Geographic Channel: The Bear Whisperer with Lilo. It screams Emmy. I'm gonna go get my gear together now. I'll need some rope, a sword, carabiners, a backpack, some chalk for scaling cliffs, Alpha's hammock for him to sleep while I stand guard, extra water, sleeping bag.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Water Bowl

Morning Hoomans!
Alpha is busy getting ready, I swiped his Blackberry to let everyone know I found a new water bowl in the bathroom! Its big and white and has lots of water! I don't know why Alpha has never let me drink it before, he changes the water out at least once a day! Hoomans are strange. Have fun on your hunts today!!!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gimpy Lilo

Different setup today everyone. Lilo sliced open the pad on her left paw, so she has a nice bulky bandage on it (courtesy of yours truly). Unfortunately for her, (fortunately for me, slobbery bugger) she's not able to type on a computer. So I'll update you on what she's up to, and she might chime in like I normally would. ::I DON'T NEED A BANDAGE! YOU DID IT TO SLOW ME DOWN!! SOMEONE SAAAAVE ME!!:: Hey you punk, keep it down or I'll bandage your mouth shut. ::I'm still faster :p ::

Moving on, Lilo met a new friend this weekend, Hooch. He's my grandfather's yellow lab. It would be an understatement to say she has more energy than Hooch, but she realized he was the boss and toned it down while she was there.

Here's some pictures of her terrible injury. ::It's just a flesh wound!! Come back here! I'll bite your leg off!:: So THAT'S why my Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD seemed a little chewed up......

And notice how SOMEBODY is trying to take off her bandage in one picture.... ::IT SLOWS ME DOWN!!!::

Monday, June 21, 2010

My evil plan......

I've put my secret plan into action. The Screaming Banshee seems to come out twice a week now. I've decided to lay down as much of my fur as possible so that it will choke and die forever. I hate that thing. It yells and screams takes all the good dirt I bring in off the floor. Alpha follows it around everywhere but he always seems to be too slow to catch it. SO. My plan is simple. Choke the life out of it. If it wants to pick up all my good dirt and mud it can pick up my extra fur too. I don't want it anyway, it's HOT outside!

Does anybody know where a dog friendly theatre is? I'm very unhappy about not being able to see Toy Story 3 yet. Maybe I'll try and find one of those bootleg copies online of some dude using his video camera in the theatre. ::Hey, dummybrains, if you're gonna do something illegal on MY computer don't tell me about it, and DEFINITELY don't blog it for the world to see:: Oh, right, everybody forget what I just said. It was a joke. Ha. Ha.

GO USA!! Beat ALGERIA!! Where the heck is Malawi? I don't like that ref.. If I ever see him in a bar I'ma BITE him!! GRRRR!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I know you missed me.

I'm back hoomans!!

I would ask if you all missed me but everybody misses me when I'm gone so I won't even bother asking a question we all know the answer to. I've been staying with Ashley and BOY is she stingy with her communication devices! Something about my excessive amount of slobberiness, I'm not really sure, I wasn't listening.
I had a grand idea for this "i'm back" blog post: I would use every conceivable cliche about being back. You know, lyrics from Back in Black, screaming I'm back like the guy at the end of Independence Day, maybe even breaking into Rihanna's "Baby I'm Back" song. ::What DID you do at Ashley's? SERIOUSLY.:: 
Alpha nixed that idea. He said cliches are corny. He should know what corny is. ::I'M RIGHT HERE!!!:: HAHAHA, I made a funny.
OHOHOH I met Vanessa and she was hyper like me and i wanted to keep playing but Alpha made us stop and he called her Yankee Doodle but she said she's not a Yankee, she's a Red Sox and i LOVE the Red Sox but only when they aren't playing the Braves who are doing AWESOME right now and leading the NL East and I have a new favorite toy it's a bunny slipper that was in Ashley's garage and I took it and play with it all the time ::Seriously, take a breath:: Ok sorry. Whoa.
Anywho, I'm back with Alpha now and he leaves the World Cup on for me and it's SOOO fun. Although those vuvuzelas (definition HERE) get on my nerves. They just never stop!! ::Gee, who does THAT remind you of??:: I dunno, who? ::nevermind:: Fine, I think Australia will win. Alpha calls me a homer for that, but I don't really get it. He picked Spain to beat Portugal in the final. I think he's nuts. I hate Spaniels. They think they're so cute. They're just lazy Australian Shepherd wannabes!
Ok, that's enough for today. Here's some pictures of me more grown up now. I don't know what that crazy thing on my neck is, but it's NOT staying there. It's BLUE!! That's such a boy color. Alpha's gonna find that in my poo later. MUAHAHA.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where is my home??

Hi hooman-woomans. Does anyone know where my home is? I'm all over the place. Alpha is in a place far, far away ::stop watching Star Wars; and I'm only in Huntsville:: and I have to stay with Ashley. Alpha's temporary den doesn't allow dogs. How absurd! So I'm stuck staying with his goofy future mate for a few weeks. She blows in my face. I'll bite her once. I keep missing. I'll bite that little stinker eventually. Like a piranha. chomp chomp.

OH OH OH! We went to Ben's play game tonight!! ::PlayOFF game, not play game:: yea yea yea. Play game sounds more fun! They wouldn't let me play :( they had a giant white version of my Yellow, all the hoomans were chasing it, and they were all getting away!!! They all needed to be in a neat little circle with the (white) Yellow in the middle, but Alpha and Ashley would not let me fix it! But on the bright side, I got to meet all kinds of hoomans! Everyone loved me (of course), I got to see the pack Alpha 's patriarch and matriarch, and his matriarch's patriach ::Can't you just say Pappaw? Or grandfather? Isn't that easier??:: Grandfather? Like the clock? No that isn't easier. I got to see Alpha's brudders, who say I'm very pretty, and his crabby sister, who seemed very pleasant to me. ::You're gonna get me in trouble!! Stop repeating what you hear from me!!:: You need some fries for your wahburger. I saw Steve (I call him the ear scratcher, he knows the right spot) and met Calub and Muhkenzeee, I didn't catch how they relate, but they love me. I saw TONS of other people and made them all pet me because they really wanted to anyway. I finally broke the leash Ashley had me on, I can't be contained!!! Alpha snagged me before I could make a break for it though. Poo.

Oh, and Ben won his play game. Doesn't everyone win when you play? I ALWAYS win when I play.

BRAVES UPDATE: They make me sad. They never score more then those other evil teams. Maybe I should go try out, I'll go get my glove.

::Sorry to anyone Lilo left out tonight, she did remarkably well remembering the ones she did. Maybe she's getting the doggie ADD under control. Doubtful, but we can all hope.::

Monday, April 19, 2010


Lot's to update you hooman people on today so I'm gonna do what I do best and run through this wide open.
Alpha got a new job in Huntsville so we're moving in a week and I get to see Ashley more and I got a new computer ::it's MY computer!!:: FINE don't slow me down! and I helped Alpha dig in the dirt and chased all the rocks he and Ashley threw away and they even hit me in the head with some because I wasn't paying attention but I didn't care because the rocks were escaping and I had to catch them and now there are other plants where they dug but I'm not allowed to eat them because they look pretty and that's no fun at all because they taste yummy and there's a new friend next door named Haley and she attacked me because I wanted to play with her Yellow but she didn't want me to but it was ok because we played in the street later when there were no cars coming and then I saw another hooman with a teeny tiny hooman with her and I went over to play with the teeny tiny hooman because she looked fun but she started making crying noises and water came out of her eyes when I jumped on her and Alpha got mad at me and put me in a time out, I hate time outs because they are not fun and you can't runrunrunrunrunrunrun and will somebody PLEEEAASSE throw my Yellow now!?!? 

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Happy Saturday hooman peoples! Alpha is going to play golf today for the first time ever. If I could laugh I would be laughing very hard. It will be very amoosing to watch.
We went to the park today!! I ranandranandran. There some fish-dogs there, so I stalked them on the bank until they came out and then I POUNCED. I took their yellow too, that made them very unhappy, so I gave it back. There was a Sandlot dog there too, I don't know what that means, it's what Alpha called him and he was BIG. And slobbery. I got muddy. Alpha made me be still when we got back so he could take away my wilderness smells. Hmph.
A few nights ago we had a FLASHBANG storm come thru. It was scary, and Alpha insisted on sitting on the balcony to take pictures. What a moron. He spent hours out there. Apparently he likes FLASHBANGS.
Time to go, hopefully we'll get our new computer soon. ::MY computer you muddy mess, you don't have any income:: FINE. YOUR computer. Didn't your mom teach you about sharing??

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Computer Crashes and Baseball Season

Happy Easter Hoomans!
I'm blogging from the Blackberry again (yummy!) because Alpha's computer crashed. I'm not sure how a computer can crash. It doesn't have wheels or wings... But apparently Alpha may lose all his pictures of me! Ack! If I had any say-so he would have a Mac. I'm hoping he buys me an iPad, that's a lot easier to type on than his phone.
I digress. My posts may not be as frequent because Alpha hogs the Blackberry, like he owns it or something. ::I DO own it you slobber monster, quit drooling on my phone:: bite me.

On the good news front, today is the first day of baseball season! We're listening to yankees/red sox now (Go REDSOX!!) I have a wicked cool friend in Boston, Alpha says she's his twin, I need to meet her soon. She talks funny. Alpha said he might take me to see the Braves on Bark in the Park Day if I'm good. I wonder how he defines good............
I hope I get a hotdog!!! Yyuuummmmmyyy. ::STOP DROOLING ON MY PHONE!:: I better go, Alpha is getting cranky.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guest Blogger!!!!

OH BOY am I excited!!! My good friend Maddie, part of Wes and Jennifer's pack, has agreed to be a guest blogger today!! So without further interruptions from me, here's Maddie!!!!

...so then they have to come up with the question to the ultimate answer of 42. Oh hello new people. Yay yay yay yay. I want to jump on you and lick your hand. Bring me your ear so I can lick it too. Mmmmmmmmm, I smell dog smells on your pants. Hang on while I check them out. Where are you going? Please, everyone stay in one place. All of you need to sit down so I can keep an eye on you. Thank you. Now that you're comfortable, here's my ball. I'm going to drop it in your lap and go over there to the other side of the room and stare at the ball. At that point please throw the ball to me so I can catch it, prance around gloating, and drop it in your lap again. Got it?  <3 hours later>  Why did you just hide the ball. I wasn't done.  Fine I'm going to go sulk in my window. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh squirrels in my yard.  I hate squirrels.  They never stay together.  bark bark.  Let me outside, now. 

Oh oh! wait for me Maddie! That sounds like fun!! I hate squirrels too!! So loong hoomans!!!
::We'll get Maddie back for a follow up guest post another day. She's a little preoccupied at the moment. And it seems she distracted Lilo too.. Another reason supervision is always necessary... Here's a few pictures of Maddie, make sure you check out her owner's blog HERE::

Monday, March 22, 2010

I hate posing

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the again. Has a good ring to it doesn't it? Maybe I should make it into a song. ::Lilo, Willie Nelson already did, and you probably just violated some copyright:: What's a copyright? ::nevermind. Proceed.:: Thank you I will. I'm blogging on the road currently, I haven't updated my blog because SOMEBODY (Arf, Alpha, arf) ::I HEARD THAT!!:: has been taking a tail-load of pictures in the park. (HERE's the link to his site. Wait, did I just plug his site?? I'm succumbing to the corporate monstrosity!! Aacch!) All I hear is sit there, look here, stop that, don't do this, come back here, leave the biker alone, don't eat that flower. Blah blah BLAH. Can't we just RUN?! Or chase birds?! And roll in stinky mud?! Like a blind dog, without a home, I was a gypsy lost in the twilight zone. Hey that's got a good ring to it too. ::That's Bon Jovi, I'm not leaving the radio on for you any more::

Alpha took me to see his friend Mason's pack Saturday. That guy had big bumps on his chest, stomach, and arms. Weird. I wasn't allowed to play with his pack (Tyson, TJ, Tec, and Female) because they would have eaten me.
Then Sunday we went to see Ben's new pack member Nala (from the Lion King!). She was scared of me, can you believe it?! Scared of me!! ::you did chase her around and bark at the cat:: IT WAS A CAT!! A vile feline!
Sef wanted me to give him a shoutout, but he ate Alpha's Dairy Queen Blizzard so I may poo in his shoe instead.
Time for me to go, but Elton John 'taught me that friends never say, never say goodbye' ::SERIOUSLY!? You're bustin out Elton John? I'm taking your iPod:: oh yeah??!! You can't touch this, duuuun dunna da, da da, da da .

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Am I obsessed... with Demons??

So Alpha decided to turn the Screaming Banshee of Death loose again. It's SOOO petrifying... but afterwards he brought up something that I thought I would pose to you other hoomans. He says I think too many things are evil or demon possessed. Is this true? I mean, yea, I blogged about the Screaming Banshee HERE, mentioned it HERE, and imagined dismantling it HERE. I showed you my possessed food dish HERE. I talked about evil cats HERE and I said Koda was demon possessed HERE. I don't really think that necessitates him stating I bring it up too much and I'm sure you other hoomans agree with me too. I'm cuter anyway so who cares what he thinks!
Here's a couple pictures of me blogging. Alpha is SOOO picture-happy now that he has a new camera.. I think he glued it to his hands... sheesh can't a doggie get some PRIVACY!?

I don't really need the glasses, I just think they make me seem more intellectual, don't you?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Another action packed weekend for me, hoomans! I'm still lethargic today. I need a catnap. ::GASP:: NO! I didn't mean it! Cats are vile creatures! I need a dognap! Ok sorry.

Ok so Alpha met up with Ben, Aaron, another doggie who's name escapes me, (I think it was really a fish...) and Lizard ::Lilo, her name is Liz:: But you called her::Nevermind what I called her! Her name is Liz!!:: FINE. Ben, Aaron, doggie, and LIIIIIIIZ (:P at Alpha) ::put that tongue back in your mouth, missy::
SOOO Alpha met up with them to kaak at a lake. The other dog just wanted to swim (a FISH I tell you!) so the only way I could play was to brave the waterstuff. I decided to hitch a ride on Alpha's kaak, and then when we were a fair distance away he said it was time for me to learn and PUSHED me in! Being the super brilliant learner that I am i figured out how to stay afloat ::I think you still need some work on technique, you looked like a cat trying to swim :) ha:: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!! I AM NOT A CAT!

Here I am learning:

Note the pure concentration on my face. Here's one of me doing the Shakity Shake Dance:

Before long I'll be a sailor! Alpha says I get my own PFD when I get bigger. I don't know what that is but it's supposed to make me "legit" when we go paddle!
As my friend Dori says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

Oh yeah! More photos on my Picasa Album, click the slideshow at the right! ==>

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dog Holiday!!

As I'm sure you all know, tomorrow (March 3rd) is What If Dogs and Cats Had Opposable Thumbs Day (check out the link on the right for a list of more doggie days). I wish they'd take the cats out of it, the vile creatures. I digress. I thought it would be fun to imagine a full day if I had thumbs. So, here we go.
My first action would be to let myself out of that den I'm in all day. It seems pretty simple, just grab the lever, lift, slide, and I'm FREEEEEEEEEE. Unfortunately, I can't reach the doorknobs, so I'll have to entertain myself indoors. That is, UNTIL I realize I'm able to open the window.. Hmm this could be fun!! But, woe is me. The window only leads to small roof/overhang type deal. But no matter, I'll sunbathe for a bit. Ok enough of that, I want to PLAY. Now which one of these drawers hides the socks? FOUND IT!! All the socks I could ever want to chew on!! Yippee!! Oh boy, now I found the container of Yellows! Off with your lid! Yellows for everyone!!
Uhoh, I hear Alpha's transport vehicle, back to my den and close the door! Ha, I'm so sneaky. What's that? You want to put my leash on? I don't think so! Unclip that bugger once we're outside and it's OFF TO THE RACES!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Ok now I'm hungry, the foods in the pantry (another doorknob I can't reach), back to Alpha for some kibbles. Ahhh full tummy, back in the den, Alpha leaves and it's out the window to sunbathe for a nap!! Now, about that Screaming Banshee of Death. Screw driver? Check. Hammer? Check! That thing is getting turned into scrap today!! Muahahaha! My day is complete.
My last act of the my day with opposable thumbs will be to stick my thumbs in my ears, point all my fingers straight up, and stick my tongue out at you!!
Good night!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm a mini-me!!

Happy Monday Hoomans!!

I had an exciting weekend! Saturday, Alpha had to put on fancy clothes that I'm not allowed to be around (but I do anyway and act like I don't know better) and go somewhere I couldn't be, so I stayed with his litter mate Ben! That hooman has more hair than me!! I got to play with his sizable pack, I can't even remember all their names. They kicked a large version of a yellow around and I did my best to keep it from escaping.

Sunday I got to go play with ROXIE. For those of you who don't know Roxie, Alpha was her pack leader a few years ago before he moved away and wasn't able to take her. She became a part of his future aunt and uncle-in-law's (Tammy and Kipp) pack (Look at me! I used your hooman family words!) She's somewhat obsessed with flying discs... And I can see why! Those things are fun! Anywho, she looks just like me, or maybe I look just like her. She taught me a few things about flying disc chasing, I hope I can catch one as good as her one day; WOW she can fly! Here's us playing:

There's lots more pictures in my slideshow on the right; just click on it to see more!! (They're also on Alhpa's facebook page.)

Oh, that evil, demon possessed weenie dog named Koda attacked me again. He got me pretty good.. Maybe when my teeth get bigger I can get him back. Aarf! GRRR.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Food Dish is POSSESSED

So I finish my dinner and am making sure I've slurped up all the crumbies, and my food bowl comes alive!!!! I tried to approach it and subdue it but it was scary! I called for backup and Alpha came over to inspect. After much intimidation by myself I think we were able to rid it of the demon within. I hope it doesn't come back.. Here is our video report of the haunting.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Muahahaha! I have successfully used my mindpowers to disable that all seeing eye that watched me while I sleep! A valiant attempt by my Pack Leader to restrict my freedoms, but I have defeated him! Lilo 1, Alpha ZERO.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Blog Announcement from Adam!

A quick note from the blogger that has opposable thumbs. I've added a link on the right side at the top of the page to Lilo's live webcam. We're launching that tomorrow (2/23) for the first time, so consider it still in a "beta" period for a week or so. Also, check out the other blogs on the side of the page, as occasionally some of Lilo's dog friends will show up there (and maybe even a cat).
There's a ton of Lilo pictures on my facebook page (if you just can't get enough of her atomic energy cuteness on here), I'll possibly get a Flickr or Picasa page or something for her for all you non-Facebookers. Maybe. If I have time between chasing the streaking fur-ball around my apartment and saving all my Disney stuffed animals from her teeth. Wait, not my stuffed animals... I'm just holding them.. for a friend... while they're house is getting painted.. err. nevermind. Ignore that.

EDIT: Got a album of Lilo pics at Picasa for anyone not on facebook. Click the slideshow on the right to get there
So anyways. Check back often. What else could you possibly have to do that's as fun as this? :)
Geez I gotta run... Lilo's climbing all over me.. literally.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update

I understand why us doggies hate mailmen; they're never on time! Alpha's energy generating wire thing for his computer still isn't here, and using this Blackberry makes me really want to eat fruit.....
The weather has been excellent for you non-fur-coated hoomans (it's always excellent for me), so Alpha took me to the park to PLAY with the HUGE pack of dogs that's always there. Some of them I was playing with were trying to drown themselves!! They would run haphazardly into the water, flail about and come back. I decided to try it once, but decided I enjoy my life of yellows and hoomans too much to commit suicide and came back.
I was finally able rid my clean scent! There was mud everywhere and I made good use of it! But it's back now, Master forced me into his indoor Drowning Pond and scrubbed all the wilderness smells off. Just wait till he takes me out again......
On a separate note I lost a tooth today. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Do I need thoseIs this normalWhy is Alpha talking about denturesAre there dog tooth fiariesWill I find treats under my bed???? I better research this....

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Alpha came home from his hunt to feed me and the Yellow tried to escape by flying over my head but it wasn't fast enough!! I leapt with all puppy power and snatched it right out of the air!! And the tasty blogging Blackberry device captured my heroics!! Oh boy Master was happy!! That sneaky Yellow will escape me no more!!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Update

Happy Tuesday Hoomans! (Or Mardi Grass for you New Orleans hoomans)

Alpha and I are back from our wilderness expedition to the mountains! We went with his mate Ashley, her sire and dame, ::Lilo, the human title is parents, not sire and dame. Silly dog -Adam:: and their pack: Molly, Mo, and my evil arch nemesis: KODA. grrr.
We left after his hunt and picked up the rest of our temporary pack on Thursday, we spent 9 hours in Alpha's transport. Saying I had pent up energy is an understatement. We made it in the wee hours of the morning Friday, and I smelled a predator when we got out. It wasn't around then but I knew it had. Alpha said that's because it was hibernating. Thought tangent: How do bears sleep for MONTHS?! I'm ready to runrunrunrun after a 2 hour sleep. Tangent over.
There was LOTS of stuffing in the mountains. Most of it was near the tops, but we had some to play in and stare at (hoomans are weird are stare at it instead of eating it).
The next days the yellow escaped a few times, but I heroically captured it again for my pack leader. That night Alpha spotted some prey: deer! I wanted to catch one but I wasn't allowed too. That makes me lower my ears and make big eyes. I sniffed after them the next day just to be sure I couldn't catch up.
The hoomans left us in our dens Sunday to go to hooman only places. We protected the dwelling very well until they returned.
And just like that it was time to leave. Alpha shunned me for trying to capture prey escaping into the ground, he said something about red mud and his transport, but I wasn't listening.
The hoomans wanted to stare at more things so we went the long way back. That evil tyrant pretending to be a dog named Koda gets grumpy in the transport on long trips. Apparently I'm not allowed in his personal bubble so he attacked me and tried to take my ear for his own. Alpha rescued me and the hoomans made me feel better until I quit whimpering. I hope Koda has to meet the screaming banshee of death... While the hoomans are giving him a dunking in the white pool of water.
Alpha and I made it back safely eventually, even with all the stuffing hiding the roads from us. He's waiting on a new power thing for his computer and says he'll add pictures when it gets here. Blogging from a Blackberry is tuff. And makes me hungry.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prey and Wilderness and Hunts!

Oh boy am I excited! This morning when Master took me out I spotted the prey in the wilderness behind our den!! Alpha did not see it so I sat still like a statue and stared it down until he did! He said that it was a fox and if that fence had not been there I would have chased it!
AND he brought me along on his daily hunt today, I am hiding in his transport vehicle so the prey does not see me.
He said we are going to the mountain wilderness in east tennysee this weekend where I can chase all kinds of prey!! I also get to see Ashley and Sef and the rest of their pack.
I am blogging from a Blackberry today, these button thingies are very difficult to push with my paws.

Alpha's computer cord exploded so he can't use it until he orders a new one, so I guess I'll have to learn this Blackberry thing.. It sounds like it would be tasty but it is not.

I will update you next week on my wilderness exploration!!!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Stuffing Day!!

HOORAAAY!! More stuffing is on the ground! Master doesn't have to go on his hunt! We went into the wilderness instead, he built a small, white person out of the stuffing. I crashed through it before he could take a picture. It was very fun!!
I met another pack of 2 dogs while we were there, they liked to run so I chased them and chased them until they gave up. Their master liked me, he said I saved him from having to run the energy out of them but I still have plenty of energy left!!!!!

Here are two videos of me chasing the Yellow in the stuffing:

And here is one picture of me pretending to be majestic:

On a separate note, yesterday we watched the most exciting sports event of the year: Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet!! It was very exciting. I wish I could have played!!

We have more fun things to do, enjoy the stuffing everyone!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Good morning HOOMAANS!

I do not understand these weekend things. It is light outside now, which means it is time to PLAAAAY. Alpha keeps putting his bed on his head and making grouchy noises but I want to PLAY.
My prey escapes me every night, it sneaks just outside of my bed so I have to alert Master so he will catch it and put it back in. ::It's a chew stick, and YOU knock it out of your crate, stop being noisy::
Alpha says his litter mates have friends for me to meet. The one he calls Danel just adopted a new pack member, he says she is less highper than me. I do not know what highper means.
He says his other litter mate has toys for me to chase!! I do not know what a Cat is but it sounds fun to chasearoundandaroundandaround. I cannot wait!!
He has one more litter mate called Mer but she is cranky and mean and pretends to be big and bad. Alpha says she encourages my highperness and troublemaking. Maybe I will go tinkle on her carpet to teach her a lesson for Alpha.
Here is what Master calls my evil alter ego. Whatever it is, it looks like fun for me to PLAAAY.

Friday, January 29, 2010


::I'm gonna go ahead and give you a heads up, Lilo is pretty wired right now. "stuffing" is snow. Apparently that makes her hyper. Hyper enough that she almost snagged a bird out of mid-air at the park just now. As in it flew by, she jumped, missed catching the bird but hit it and then tore off after hit. Luckily it never hit the ground or I'd be pulling feathers out of her mouth::

Alpha stayed home today! He said his hunt was canceled because of all the stuffing falling out of the sky!! But that means more fun for MMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!
::Runs in circles::
We went to the park! We chased Yellows!! I almost catched a bird!! I chased hoomans that were sliding down the hill! RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUUUNNNNNNNN!!!
Here is me with the Yellow.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Helloooo Hoomans!!

I apowogize for not updating my blog in so long. We had SUCH a busy weekend and I was worn out. ::Adam intervention, she was too tired to update her blog, but not too tired to run around my coffee table in circles for a solid 15 minutes going as fast as possible:: Saturday Alpha was going kaaking ::Lilo, it's kayaking, you can make the 'yak' sound, you yap all the time:: with one of his litter mates Ben and another hooman Aaron. Ashley didn't want me to go because last time he took my to the river I thought the paddlers needed rescuing so I barked my "danger" bark and tried to jump in most of the time. Ashley was afraid I would try and save Alpha and sink in the rapids trying. Luckily for me, Master's matriarch and her mate Steve were coming to play with me while they kaaked!!!

I was not worried about their safety this time. I knew my pack leader could save them if they were in danger. But just in case I stood careful watch.

Shortly thereafter I became bored and decided to practice my biting. Here I am chewing tiny sticks. Or grass. I don't remember.

And here I found my heaven: a pile of sticks to chew!!

After awhile, Alpha decided to show smaller hoomans how kaaking is really done, but there was no one to rescue him if he ran into danger! I had to be ready to spring in to action!

He was fine, but just to be sure I had to check him out when he kaaked back over to me.

Boy, I can't wait until I get my own lifejacket so I can kaak with them!! I rode with him everytime he came over to the side. It was very exciting.
Well, I gotta go tinkle really bad.. my bladder is still pretty small.. But here is a picture Alpha says the hoomans may like of the kaaking.

Comment on my blog! I'm trying to learn hooman talk!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Screaming Banshee of Death

I'm.. soo.. scared.... Pack leader got home from his hunt today and we played for a little bit, and then I got the Yellow for him. While he was gone, I was FINALLY able to kill the Fluffy that shares my den.

I don't think Master thought it was dead, becauz he brought out the SCREAMING BANSHEE OF DEATH to finish it off. It is so mean. It yells and growls and goes back and forth across the floor, and it has a bright cyclops on the front of it that searches and searches for me. I know it will eat me if it finds me. Alpha tries to hold it back but it keeps lunging forward and he has to pull it back before it gets loose!! I found a good hiding spot:

I'm not sure where it is now... I am hiding on the couch behind Alpha now, I know he will protect me. ::Adam here, the Screaming Banshee is my vacuum cleaner if you haven't figured that out yet::
If the Banshee kills me overnight, I hid a bone under the floor in my den.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

About ME!!

Hello again dog blog readers! So my last post I told you about my pack, now it's time for ME!! I'm an Australian Shepherd, Alpha tells me it's becauz I herd Sheps.. I'm not really sure what that means. He and Ashley named me Lilo, but they say I act more like Stitch. I think they're telling me I'm mischievous...

I just wee'd on Master's floor. He is not happy with me but I love him.

He brought home some prey today from his hunt. He leaves me to hunt everyday. Most days he only brings back a Yellow.. It is always escaping from him, but I run and get it and bring it back everytime. ::Adam here, Lilo calls tennis balls "Yellows"::

He let me have the prey, and I guarded it all day long. I put it under my bed so that it would not escape. Here is a picture of the prey:

I think I was supposed to tell you about myself today... My attention span isn't very long. Pack leader needs his computer now. I will make another post next..... YELLOOOOOOOOOW!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


G'day! My name is Lilo! I am an Australian Shepherd and this is my blog. I hope to update it at least once a week so that everywon can keep up with my (mis)adventures! For my first post I thought I would introduce you to everywon that I hang out with.
First of all is my Owner: Adam. I'll probably refer to him in the blog as Alpha, Pack Leader, or Master. He may occasionally interject in the blog to clarify what I mean.
Next, we have Ashley. She is the one who saved me from a barn, but then promply got rid of me by giving me to Alpha. Her loss. Everytime I see her now she getsreallyexcitedandtalksinafunnyvoiceandigetHYPER. Whoa, deep breath, Alpha is looking at me funny.... Anyway, I think she wants to have Master's puppies, she's got the hots for him.
From a the same litter as Ashley came Sef. He steps on me all the time becauz he hasn't figured out I'm always under the hoomans paws. Otherwise he's fun to sleep on.
They share their den with another pack, Molly, Mo, and Koda, that look like fuzzy hotdogs. Molly is old and cranky, and doesn't like it when I take her spot on the couch, but we get along OK. Mo is my buddy! He'll alwayz play with me (unless he's eating, he's got a big belly) and we make lots of noise that the hoomans fuss about. Koda is my nemesis. He attacks me if I get to close, and then the hoomans have to rescue me (I instigate it by taking his toys, but don't tell on me).

Welp, that's the people that I'm around most, so I'll probly talk about them in most of my posts. Please forgive all my typos, these keyboards aren't made for my paws. I'll tell you a little about myself in my next post. Time for bed!!