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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bear hunt!


Alpha's pack mate Danel is in a faraway rocky land. ::Not a rocky land, the Rocky Mountains:: OH, that place John Denver sang about? ::JOHN DENVER?!? Ok no more messing around, I'm seriously putting your iPod in a locked box:: Gotta catch me first, bumblehead! BUT in this faraway Rocky Mountain Land he goes on hunts all the time and sees LOTS of fun prey!! Alpha said they saw a BEAR! I want to catch a bear. I would run in circles around it until it fell over and then I would scare it with my bark. It would yield to my superiority. I would be the Alpha of the Bear! ME! An Alpha! A pack leader! Oh I can see it now on the National Geographic Channel: The Bear Whisperer with Lilo. It screams Emmy. I'm gonna go get my gear together now. I'll need some rope, a sword, carabiners, a backpack, some chalk for scaling cliffs, Alpha's hammock for him to sleep while I stand guard, extra water, sleeping bag.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Water Bowl

Morning Hoomans!
Alpha is busy getting ready, I swiped his Blackberry to let everyone know I found a new water bowl in the bathroom! Its big and white and has lots of water! I don't know why Alpha has never let me drink it before, he changes the water out at least once a day! Hoomans are strange. Have fun on your hunts today!!!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gimpy Lilo

Different setup today everyone. Lilo sliced open the pad on her left paw, so she has a nice bulky bandage on it (courtesy of yours truly). Unfortunately for her, (fortunately for me, slobbery bugger) she's not able to type on a computer. So I'll update you on what she's up to, and she might chime in like I normally would. ::I DON'T NEED A BANDAGE! YOU DID IT TO SLOW ME DOWN!! SOMEONE SAAAAVE ME!!:: Hey you punk, keep it down or I'll bandage your mouth shut. ::I'm still faster :p ::

Moving on, Lilo met a new friend this weekend, Hooch. He's my grandfather's yellow lab. It would be an understatement to say she has more energy than Hooch, but she realized he was the boss and toned it down while she was there.

Here's some pictures of her terrible injury. ::It's just a flesh wound!! Come back here! I'll bite your leg off!:: So THAT'S why my Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD seemed a little chewed up......

And notice how SOMEBODY is trying to take off her bandage in one picture.... ::IT SLOWS ME DOWN!!!::