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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Food Dish is POSSESSED

So I finish my dinner and am making sure I've slurped up all the crumbies, and my food bowl comes alive!!!! I tried to approach it and subdue it but it was scary! I called for backup and Alpha came over to inspect. After much intimidation by myself I think we were able to rid it of the demon within. I hope it doesn't come back.. Here is our video report of the haunting.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Muahahaha! I have successfully used my mindpowers to disable that all seeing eye that watched me while I sleep! A valiant attempt by my Pack Leader to restrict my freedoms, but I have defeated him! Lilo 1, Alpha ZERO.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Blog Announcement from Adam!

A quick note from the blogger that has opposable thumbs. I've added a link on the right side at the top of the page to Lilo's live webcam. We're launching that tomorrow (2/23) for the first time, so consider it still in a "beta" period for a week or so. Also, check out the other blogs on the side of the page, as occasionally some of Lilo's dog friends will show up there (and maybe even a cat).
There's a ton of Lilo pictures on my facebook page (if you just can't get enough of her atomic energy cuteness on here), I'll possibly get a Flickr or Picasa page or something for her for all you non-Facebookers. Maybe. If I have time between chasing the streaking fur-ball around my apartment and saving all my Disney stuffed animals from her teeth. Wait, not my stuffed animals... I'm just holding them.. for a friend... while they're house is getting painted.. err. nevermind. Ignore that.

EDIT: Got a album of Lilo pics at Picasa for anyone not on facebook. Click the slideshow on the right to get there
So anyways. Check back often. What else could you possibly have to do that's as fun as this? :)
Geez I gotta run... Lilo's climbing all over me.. literally.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update

I understand why us doggies hate mailmen; they're never on time! Alpha's energy generating wire thing for his computer still isn't here, and using this Blackberry makes me really want to eat fruit.....
The weather has been excellent for you non-fur-coated hoomans (it's always excellent for me), so Alpha took me to the park to PLAY with the HUGE pack of dogs that's always there. Some of them I was playing with were trying to drown themselves!! They would run haphazardly into the water, flail about and come back. I decided to try it once, but decided I enjoy my life of yellows and hoomans too much to commit suicide and came back.
I was finally able rid my clean scent! There was mud everywhere and I made good use of it! But it's back now, Master forced me into his indoor Drowning Pond and scrubbed all the wilderness smells off. Just wait till he takes me out again......
On a separate note I lost a tooth today. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Do I need thoseIs this normalWhy is Alpha talking about denturesAre there dog tooth fiariesWill I find treats under my bed???? I better research this....

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Alpha came home from his hunt to feed me and the Yellow tried to escape by flying over my head but it wasn't fast enough!! I leapt with all puppy power and snatched it right out of the air!! And the tasty blogging Blackberry device captured my heroics!! Oh boy Master was happy!! That sneaky Yellow will escape me no more!!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Update

Happy Tuesday Hoomans! (Or Mardi Grass for you New Orleans hoomans)

Alpha and I are back from our wilderness expedition to the mountains! We went with his mate Ashley, her sire and dame, ::Lilo, the human title is parents, not sire and dame. Silly dog -Adam:: and their pack: Molly, Mo, and my evil arch nemesis: KODA. grrr.
We left after his hunt and picked up the rest of our temporary pack on Thursday, we spent 9 hours in Alpha's transport. Saying I had pent up energy is an understatement. We made it in the wee hours of the morning Friday, and I smelled a predator when we got out. It wasn't around then but I knew it had. Alpha said that's because it was hibernating. Thought tangent: How do bears sleep for MONTHS?! I'm ready to runrunrunrun after a 2 hour sleep. Tangent over.
There was LOTS of stuffing in the mountains. Most of it was near the tops, but we had some to play in and stare at (hoomans are weird are stare at it instead of eating it).
The next days the yellow escaped a few times, but I heroically captured it again for my pack leader. That night Alpha spotted some prey: deer! I wanted to catch one but I wasn't allowed too. That makes me lower my ears and make big eyes. I sniffed after them the next day just to be sure I couldn't catch up.
The hoomans left us in our dens Sunday to go to hooman only places. We protected the dwelling very well until they returned.
And just like that it was time to leave. Alpha shunned me for trying to capture prey escaping into the ground, he said something about red mud and his transport, but I wasn't listening.
The hoomans wanted to stare at more things so we went the long way back. That evil tyrant pretending to be a dog named Koda gets grumpy in the transport on long trips. Apparently I'm not allowed in his personal bubble so he attacked me and tried to take my ear for his own. Alpha rescued me and the hoomans made me feel better until I quit whimpering. I hope Koda has to meet the screaming banshee of death... While the hoomans are giving him a dunking in the white pool of water.
Alpha and I made it back safely eventually, even with all the stuffing hiding the roads from us. He's waiting on a new power thing for his computer and says he'll add pictures when it gets here. Blogging from a Blackberry is tuff. And makes me hungry.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prey and Wilderness and Hunts!

Oh boy am I excited! This morning when Master took me out I spotted the prey in the wilderness behind our den!! Alpha did not see it so I sat still like a statue and stared it down until he did! He said that it was a fox and if that fence had not been there I would have chased it!
AND he brought me along on his daily hunt today, I am hiding in his transport vehicle so the prey does not see me.
He said we are going to the mountain wilderness in east tennysee this weekend where I can chase all kinds of prey!! I also get to see Ashley and Sef and the rest of their pack.
I am blogging from a Blackberry today, these button thingies are very difficult to push with my paws.

Alpha's computer cord exploded so he can't use it until he orders a new one, so I guess I'll have to learn this Blackberry thing.. It sounds like it would be tasty but it is not.

I will update you next week on my wilderness exploration!!!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Stuffing Day!!

HOORAAAY!! More stuffing is on the ground! Master doesn't have to go on his hunt! We went into the wilderness instead, he built a small, white person out of the stuffing. I crashed through it before he could take a picture. It was very fun!!
I met another pack of 2 dogs while we were there, they liked to run so I chased them and chased them until they gave up. Their master liked me, he said I saved him from having to run the energy out of them but I still have plenty of energy left!!!!!

Here are two videos of me chasing the Yellow in the stuffing:

And here is one picture of me pretending to be majestic:

On a separate note, yesterday we watched the most exciting sports event of the year: Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet!! It was very exciting. I wish I could have played!!

We have more fun things to do, enjoy the stuffing everyone!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Good morning HOOMAANS!

I do not understand these weekend things. It is light outside now, which means it is time to PLAAAAY. Alpha keeps putting his bed on his head and making grouchy noises but I want to PLAY.
My prey escapes me every night, it sneaks just outside of my bed so I have to alert Master so he will catch it and put it back in. ::It's a chew stick, and YOU knock it out of your crate, stop being noisy::
Alpha says his litter mates have friends for me to meet. The one he calls Danel just adopted a new pack member, he says she is less highper than me. I do not know what highper means.
He says his other litter mate has toys for me to chase!! I do not know what a Cat is but it sounds fun to chasearoundandaroundandaround. I cannot wait!!
He has one more litter mate called Mer but she is cranky and mean and pretends to be big and bad. Alpha says she encourages my highperness and troublemaking. Maybe I will go tinkle on her carpet to teach her a lesson for Alpha.
Here is what Master calls my evil alter ego. Whatever it is, it looks like fun for me to PLAAAY.