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Friday, January 29, 2010


::I'm gonna go ahead and give you a heads up, Lilo is pretty wired right now. "stuffing" is snow. Apparently that makes her hyper. Hyper enough that she almost snagged a bird out of mid-air at the park just now. As in it flew by, she jumped, missed catching the bird but hit it and then tore off after hit. Luckily it never hit the ground or I'd be pulling feathers out of her mouth::

Alpha stayed home today! He said his hunt was canceled because of all the stuffing falling out of the sky!! But that means more fun for MMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!
::Runs in circles::
We went to the park! We chased Yellows!! I almost catched a bird!! I chased hoomans that were sliding down the hill! RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUUUNNNNNNNN!!!
Here is me with the Yellow.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Helloooo Hoomans!!

I apowogize for not updating my blog in so long. We had SUCH a busy weekend and I was worn out. ::Adam intervention, she was too tired to update her blog, but not too tired to run around my coffee table in circles for a solid 15 minutes going as fast as possible:: Saturday Alpha was going kaaking ::Lilo, it's kayaking, you can make the 'yak' sound, you yap all the time:: with one of his litter mates Ben and another hooman Aaron. Ashley didn't want me to go because last time he took my to the river I thought the paddlers needed rescuing so I barked my "danger" bark and tried to jump in most of the time. Ashley was afraid I would try and save Alpha and sink in the rapids trying. Luckily for me, Master's matriarch and her mate Steve were coming to play with me while they kaaked!!!

I was not worried about their safety this time. I knew my pack leader could save them if they were in danger. But just in case I stood careful watch.

Shortly thereafter I became bored and decided to practice my biting. Here I am chewing tiny sticks. Or grass. I don't remember.

And here I found my heaven: a pile of sticks to chew!!

After awhile, Alpha decided to show smaller hoomans how kaaking is really done, but there was no one to rescue him if he ran into danger! I had to be ready to spring in to action!

He was fine, but just to be sure I had to check him out when he kaaked back over to me.

Boy, I can't wait until I get my own lifejacket so I can kaak with them!! I rode with him everytime he came over to the side. It was very exciting.
Well, I gotta go tinkle really bad.. my bladder is still pretty small.. But here is a picture Alpha says the hoomans may like of the kaaking.

Comment on my blog! I'm trying to learn hooman talk!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Screaming Banshee of Death

I'm.. soo.. scared.... Pack leader got home from his hunt today and we played for a little bit, and then I got the Yellow for him. While he was gone, I was FINALLY able to kill the Fluffy that shares my den.

I don't think Master thought it was dead, becauz he brought out the SCREAMING BANSHEE OF DEATH to finish it off. It is so mean. It yells and growls and goes back and forth across the floor, and it has a bright cyclops on the front of it that searches and searches for me. I know it will eat me if it finds me. Alpha tries to hold it back but it keeps lunging forward and he has to pull it back before it gets loose!! I found a good hiding spot:

I'm not sure where it is now... I am hiding on the couch behind Alpha now, I know he will protect me. ::Adam here, the Screaming Banshee is my vacuum cleaner if you haven't figured that out yet::
If the Banshee kills me overnight, I hid a bone under the floor in my den.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

About ME!!

Hello again dog blog readers! So my last post I told you about my pack, now it's time for ME!! I'm an Australian Shepherd, Alpha tells me it's becauz I herd Sheps.. I'm not really sure what that means. He and Ashley named me Lilo, but they say I act more like Stitch. I think they're telling me I'm mischievous...

I just wee'd on Master's floor. He is not happy with me but I love him.

He brought home some prey today from his hunt. He leaves me to hunt everyday. Most days he only brings back a Yellow.. It is always escaping from him, but I run and get it and bring it back everytime. ::Adam here, Lilo calls tennis balls "Yellows"::

He let me have the prey, and I guarded it all day long. I put it under my bed so that it would not escape. Here is a picture of the prey:

I think I was supposed to tell you about myself today... My attention span isn't very long. Pack leader needs his computer now. I will make another post next..... YELLOOOOOOOOOW!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


G'day! My name is Lilo! I am an Australian Shepherd and this is my blog. I hope to update it at least once a week so that everywon can keep up with my (mis)adventures! For my first post I thought I would introduce you to everywon that I hang out with.
First of all is my Owner: Adam. I'll probably refer to him in the blog as Alpha, Pack Leader, or Master. He may occasionally interject in the blog to clarify what I mean.
Next, we have Ashley. She is the one who saved me from a barn, but then promply got rid of me by giving me to Alpha. Her loss. Everytime I see her now she getsreallyexcitedandtalksinafunnyvoiceandigetHYPER. Whoa, deep breath, Alpha is looking at me funny.... Anyway, I think she wants to have Master's puppies, she's got the hots for him.
From a the same litter as Ashley came Sef. He steps on me all the time becauz he hasn't figured out I'm always under the hoomans paws. Otherwise he's fun to sleep on.
They share their den with another pack, Molly, Mo, and Koda, that look like fuzzy hotdogs. Molly is old and cranky, and doesn't like it when I take her spot on the couch, but we get along OK. Mo is my buddy! He'll alwayz play with me (unless he's eating, he's got a big belly) and we make lots of noise that the hoomans fuss about. Koda is my nemesis. He attacks me if I get to close, and then the hoomans have to rescue me (I instigate it by taking his toys, but don't tell on me).

Welp, that's the people that I'm around most, so I'll probly talk about them in most of my posts. Please forgive all my typos, these keyboards aren't made for my paws. I'll tell you a little about myself in my next post. Time for bed!!