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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part Two of the two-for-one!

BANKHEAD!! Oh what a fun place. Acres and acres of national forest with not a soul around other than possums, armadillos, squirrels, and SMELLS. Alpha and Beta took me hiking to Capsey Creek Falls today. There's no established trail; it's one of those "park here, hike West until you hit the stream, then follow it down to the falls" kinda places. Alpha wanted to try a shortcut, which ended up not being shorter on the way in, but the way out was much much shorter. There was a ginormous tree that had fallen across the route, Alpha and Beta climbed over, but it was too high for me. They wouldn't even help me! They said I had to do it on my own.. And I did!! I SOARED over the tree. It was amazing. Like I was flying. When we got to the gorge at Capsey Falls, there were giant ICE SWORDS hanging from the bluffs. Some were over 6 feet tall! Getting down in to the gorge was quite the adventure. It involved Beta handing me down to Alpha, which I did NOT enjoy. But we finally made it down and MAN it was worth it. Here's a few pictures.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Part One of a two-for-one

Alpha keeps saying this weekend is a twofer. Which is NOT related to a gopher unfortunately. Apparently it means two-for-one. Part one was a trip to Sportsman's Lake! Man, there was lots of prey there. They kept retreating into the evil water. Dirty scoundrels know deep water is my kryptonite. I'm including a picture of me staring at those winged and webbed fiends. Tomorrow is Part Two; Bankhead!! Uber pumped about that. More to come.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm stoked. ::I knew I shouldn't have left the Winter X Games on during the day:: Wednesday night we have a possibility of a few inches of stuffing. I love stuffing, sometimes it means Alpha's hunt gets cancelled and we get to frolic. And THEN, this weekend the weather is supposed to be SICK (that means good). Alpha says we might try to go on a hike somewhere exciting. Cross your paws for fun weather coming up!! Follow this blog for Alabama weather info.