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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where is my home??

Hi hooman-woomans. Does anyone know where my home is? I'm all over the place. Alpha is in a place far, far away ::stop watching Star Wars; and I'm only in Huntsville:: and I have to stay with Ashley. Alpha's temporary den doesn't allow dogs. How absurd! So I'm stuck staying with his goofy future mate for a few weeks. She blows in my face. I'll bite her once. I keep missing. I'll bite that little stinker eventually. Like a piranha. chomp chomp.

OH OH OH! We went to Ben's play game tonight!! ::PlayOFF game, not play game:: yea yea yea. Play game sounds more fun! They wouldn't let me play :( they had a giant white version of my Yellow, all the hoomans were chasing it, and they were all getting away!!! They all needed to be in a neat little circle with the (white) Yellow in the middle, but Alpha and Ashley would not let me fix it! But on the bright side, I got to meet all kinds of hoomans! Everyone loved me (of course), I got to see the pack Alpha 's patriarch and matriarch, and his matriarch's patriach ::Can't you just say Pappaw? Or grandfather? Isn't that easier??:: Grandfather? Like the clock? No that isn't easier. I got to see Alpha's brudders, who say I'm very pretty, and his crabby sister, who seemed very pleasant to me. ::You're gonna get me in trouble!! Stop repeating what you hear from me!!:: You need some fries for your wahburger. I saw Steve (I call him the ear scratcher, he knows the right spot) and met Calub and Muhkenzeee, I didn't catch how they relate, but they love me. I saw TONS of other people and made them all pet me because they really wanted to anyway. I finally broke the leash Ashley had me on, I can't be contained!!! Alpha snagged me before I could make a break for it though. Poo.

Oh, and Ben won his play game. Doesn't everyone win when you play? I ALWAYS win when I play.

BRAVES UPDATE: They make me sad. They never score more then those other evil teams. Maybe I should go try out, I'll go get my glove.

::Sorry to anyone Lilo left out tonight, she did remarkably well remembering the ones she did. Maybe she's getting the doggie ADD under control. Doubtful, but we can all hope.::

Monday, April 19, 2010


Lot's to update you hooman people on today so I'm gonna do what I do best and run through this wide open.
Alpha got a new job in Huntsville so we're moving in a week and I get to see Ashley more and I got a new computer ::it's MY computer!!:: FINE don't slow me down! and I helped Alpha dig in the dirt and chased all the rocks he and Ashley threw away and they even hit me in the head with some because I wasn't paying attention but I didn't care because the rocks were escaping and I had to catch them and now there are other plants where they dug but I'm not allowed to eat them because they look pretty and that's no fun at all because they taste yummy and there's a new friend next door named Haley and she attacked me because I wanted to play with her Yellow but she didn't want me to but it was ok because we played in the street later when there were no cars coming and then I saw another hooman with a teeny tiny hooman with her and I went over to play with the teeny tiny hooman because she looked fun but she started making crying noises and water came out of her eyes when I jumped on her and Alpha got mad at me and put me in a time out, I hate time outs because they are not fun and you can't runrunrunrunrunrunrun and will somebody PLEEEAASSE throw my Yellow now!?!? 

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Happy Saturday hooman peoples! Alpha is going to play golf today for the first time ever. If I could laugh I would be laughing very hard. It will be very amoosing to watch.
We went to the park today!! I ranandranandran. There some fish-dogs there, so I stalked them on the bank until they came out and then I POUNCED. I took their yellow too, that made them very unhappy, so I gave it back. There was a Sandlot dog there too, I don't know what that means, it's what Alpha called him and he was BIG. And slobbery. I got muddy. Alpha made me be still when we got back so he could take away my wilderness smells. Hmph.
A few nights ago we had a FLASHBANG storm come thru. It was scary, and Alpha insisted on sitting on the balcony to take pictures. What a moron. He spent hours out there. Apparently he likes FLASHBANGS.
Time to go, hopefully we'll get our new computer soon. ::MY computer you muddy mess, you don't have any income:: FINE. YOUR computer. Didn't your mom teach you about sharing??

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Computer Crashes and Baseball Season

Happy Easter Hoomans!
I'm blogging from the Blackberry again (yummy!) because Alpha's computer crashed. I'm not sure how a computer can crash. It doesn't have wheels or wings... But apparently Alpha may lose all his pictures of me! Ack! If I had any say-so he would have a Mac. I'm hoping he buys me an iPad, that's a lot easier to type on than his phone.
I digress. My posts may not be as frequent because Alpha hogs the Blackberry, like he owns it or something. ::I DO own it you slobber monster, quit drooling on my phone:: bite me.

On the good news front, today is the first day of baseball season! We're listening to yankees/red sox now (Go REDSOX!!) I have a wicked cool friend in Boston, Alpha says she's his twin, I need to meet her soon. She talks funny. Alpha said he might take me to see the Braves on Bark in the Park Day if I'm good. I wonder how he defines good............
I hope I get a hotdog!!! Yyuuummmmmyyy. ::STOP DROOLING ON MY PHONE!:: I better go, Alpha is getting cranky.

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