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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guest Blogger!!!!

OH BOY am I excited!!! My good friend Maddie, part of Wes and Jennifer's pack, has agreed to be a guest blogger today!! So without further interruptions from me, here's Maddie!!!!

...so then they have to come up with the question to the ultimate answer of 42. Oh hello new people. Yay yay yay yay. I want to jump on you and lick your hand. Bring me your ear so I can lick it too. Mmmmmmmmm, I smell dog smells on your pants. Hang on while I check them out. Where are you going? Please, everyone stay in one place. All of you need to sit down so I can keep an eye on you. Thank you. Now that you're comfortable, here's my ball. I'm going to drop it in your lap and go over there to the other side of the room and stare at the ball. At that point please throw the ball to me so I can catch it, prance around gloating, and drop it in your lap again. Got it?  <3 hours later>  Why did you just hide the ball. I wasn't done.  Fine I'm going to go sulk in my window. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh squirrels in my yard.  I hate squirrels.  They never stay together.  bark bark.  Let me outside, now. 

Oh oh! wait for me Maddie! That sounds like fun!! I hate squirrels too!! So loong hoomans!!!
::We'll get Maddie back for a follow up guest post another day. She's a little preoccupied at the moment. And it seems she distracted Lilo too.. Another reason supervision is always necessary... Here's a few pictures of Maddie, make sure you check out her owner's blog HERE::

Monday, March 22, 2010

I hate posing

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the again. Has a good ring to it doesn't it? Maybe I should make it into a song. ::Lilo, Willie Nelson already did, and you probably just violated some copyright:: What's a copyright? ::nevermind. Proceed.:: Thank you I will. I'm blogging on the road currently, I haven't updated my blog because SOMEBODY (Arf, Alpha, arf) ::I HEARD THAT!!:: has been taking a tail-load of pictures in the park. (HERE's the link to his site. Wait, did I just plug his site?? I'm succumbing to the corporate monstrosity!! Aacch!) All I hear is sit there, look here, stop that, don't do this, come back here, leave the biker alone, don't eat that flower. Blah blah BLAH. Can't we just RUN?! Or chase birds?! And roll in stinky mud?! Like a blind dog, without a home, I was a gypsy lost in the twilight zone. Hey that's got a good ring to it too. ::That's Bon Jovi, I'm not leaving the radio on for you any more::

Alpha took me to see his friend Mason's pack Saturday. That guy had big bumps on his chest, stomach, and arms. Weird. I wasn't allowed to play with his pack (Tyson, TJ, Tec, and Female) because they would have eaten me.
Then Sunday we went to see Ben's new pack member Nala (from the Lion King!). She was scared of me, can you believe it?! Scared of me!! ::you did chase her around and bark at the cat:: IT WAS A CAT!! A vile feline!
Sef wanted me to give him a shoutout, but he ate Alpha's Dairy Queen Blizzard so I may poo in his shoe instead.
Time for me to go, but Elton John 'taught me that friends never say, never say goodbye' ::SERIOUSLY!? You're bustin out Elton John? I'm taking your iPod:: oh yeah??!! You can't touch this, duuuun dunna da, da da, da da .

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Am I obsessed... with Demons??

So Alpha decided to turn the Screaming Banshee of Death loose again. It's SOOO petrifying... but afterwards he brought up something that I thought I would pose to you other hoomans. He says I think too many things are evil or demon possessed. Is this true? I mean, yea, I blogged about the Screaming Banshee HERE, mentioned it HERE, and imagined dismantling it HERE. I showed you my possessed food dish HERE. I talked about evil cats HERE and I said Koda was demon possessed HERE. I don't really think that necessitates him stating I bring it up too much and I'm sure you other hoomans agree with me too. I'm cuter anyway so who cares what he thinks!
Here's a couple pictures of me blogging. Alpha is SOOO picture-happy now that he has a new camera.. I think he glued it to his hands... sheesh can't a doggie get some PRIVACY!?

I don't really need the glasses, I just think they make me seem more intellectual, don't you?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Another action packed weekend for me, hoomans! I'm still lethargic today. I need a catnap. ::GASP:: NO! I didn't mean it! Cats are vile creatures! I need a dognap! Ok sorry.

Ok so Alpha met up with Ben, Aaron, another doggie who's name escapes me, (I think it was really a fish...) and Lizard ::Lilo, her name is Liz:: But you called her::Nevermind what I called her! Her name is Liz!!:: FINE. Ben, Aaron, doggie, and LIIIIIIIZ (:P at Alpha) ::put that tongue back in your mouth, missy::
SOOO Alpha met up with them to kaak at a lake. The other dog just wanted to swim (a FISH I tell you!) so the only way I could play was to brave the waterstuff. I decided to hitch a ride on Alpha's kaak, and then when we were a fair distance away he said it was time for me to learn and PUSHED me in! Being the super brilliant learner that I am i figured out how to stay afloat ::I think you still need some work on technique, you looked like a cat trying to swim :) ha:: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!! I AM NOT A CAT!

Here I am learning:

Note the pure concentration on my face. Here's one of me doing the Shakity Shake Dance:

Before long I'll be a sailor! Alpha says I get my own PFD when I get bigger. I don't know what that is but it's supposed to make me "legit" when we go paddle!
As my friend Dori says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

Oh yeah! More photos on my Picasa Album, click the slideshow at the right! ==>

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dog Holiday!!

As I'm sure you all know, tomorrow (March 3rd) is What If Dogs and Cats Had Opposable Thumbs Day (check out the link on the right for a list of more doggie days). I wish they'd take the cats out of it, the vile creatures. I digress. I thought it would be fun to imagine a full day if I had thumbs. So, here we go.
My first action would be to let myself out of that den I'm in all day. It seems pretty simple, just grab the lever, lift, slide, and I'm FREEEEEEEEEE. Unfortunately, I can't reach the doorknobs, so I'll have to entertain myself indoors. That is, UNTIL I realize I'm able to open the window.. Hmm this could be fun!! But, woe is me. The window only leads to small roof/overhang type deal. But no matter, I'll sunbathe for a bit. Ok enough of that, I want to PLAY. Now which one of these drawers hides the socks? FOUND IT!! All the socks I could ever want to chew on!! Yippee!! Oh boy, now I found the container of Yellows! Off with your lid! Yellows for everyone!!
Uhoh, I hear Alpha's transport vehicle, back to my den and close the door! Ha, I'm so sneaky. What's that? You want to put my leash on? I don't think so! Unclip that bugger once we're outside and it's OFF TO THE RACES!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Ok now I'm hungry, the foods in the pantry (another doorknob I can't reach), back to Alpha for some kibbles. Ahhh full tummy, back in the den, Alpha leaves and it's out the window to sunbathe for a nap!! Now, about that Screaming Banshee of Death. Screw driver? Check. Hammer? Check! That thing is getting turned into scrap today!! Muahahaha! My day is complete.
My last act of the my day with opposable thumbs will be to stick my thumbs in my ears, point all my fingers straight up, and stick my tongue out at you!!
Good night!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm a mini-me!!

Happy Monday Hoomans!!

I had an exciting weekend! Saturday, Alpha had to put on fancy clothes that I'm not allowed to be around (but I do anyway and act like I don't know better) and go somewhere I couldn't be, so I stayed with his litter mate Ben! That hooman has more hair than me!! I got to play with his sizable pack, I can't even remember all their names. They kicked a large version of a yellow around and I did my best to keep it from escaping.

Sunday I got to go play with ROXIE. For those of you who don't know Roxie, Alpha was her pack leader a few years ago before he moved away and wasn't able to take her. She became a part of his future aunt and uncle-in-law's (Tammy and Kipp) pack (Look at me! I used your hooman family words!) She's somewhat obsessed with flying discs... And I can see why! Those things are fun! Anywho, she looks just like me, or maybe I look just like her. She taught me a few things about flying disc chasing, I hope I can catch one as good as her one day; WOW she can fly! Here's us playing:

There's lots more pictures in my slideshow on the right; just click on it to see more!! (They're also on Alhpa's facebook page.)

Oh, that evil, demon possessed weenie dog named Koda attacked me again. He got me pretty good.. Maybe when my teeth get bigger I can get him back. Aarf! GRRR.