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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Car Ride

Quick update hoomans!
I got to go for a car ride just now!! Alpha says I shed too much for the backseat, so he makes me ride in the BACK! The windows don't go down back here!! I've decided to rest my head over the seat and drool on it. Muahaha!
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are you ready for some football!!?

So I'm hanging out with Ben this week (one of Alpha's brothers) and he lives near the place he goes to learn new tricks everyday. It's the same place Alpha learned all his tricks too! I hear this strange tap-tap-rata-tat-tap every afternoon. It's very exciting, Alpha says it's a katydid and it means FOOTBALL is here. I have no idea why a grasshopper means football. ::Not katydid, CADENCE. Seriously, pay attention, or I'll make you sit everytime I say something.:: OOOhhhh that makes more sense. I'm still learning about football, but I've figured out the main goal is to get the person with the funny shaped ball (which would be MUCH more exciting if it was YELLOW) and that's a game IWANNAPLAYIWANNAPLAY!! In a related story, Alpha started play soccer again recently. It was very entertaining. He was panting more than I ever have after only 15 minutes of playtime!! And BOY did I have a hard time not chasing after that yellow they had!! Although it was white, so it wasn't completely irresistible to me. I've decided that all hooman sports involve chasing some form of my Yellow or chasing a hooman who has a Yellow!! How exciting!! So many games so little time!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello n00bs!!

For those of you wondering what a n00b is: YOU ARE ONE. I'm hanging out with Alpha's brother and all his friends this week. These guys are always having fun, they never stop just like me!!!!
Aaron snapped this photo of me while I was pwning some kids with my BR (that's a Battle Rifle) in Halo 3 on the XBox. Whoever the n00b (that means newbie) was tried making excuses about why he sucked, I made a joke about his mom and that shut him up. Stinkin 8 year olds, think they rule the gaming world. Anyways, I just grabbed the Sniper Rifle, time for some killer HEAD SHOTS! More fun to come!
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Time for some perspective

Hello petters. My name is Koda, I'm Ashley's master. I act all cute and cuddly and she melts. I can't be resisted. I demand they feed me the good food. None of that crunchy dog stuff. Gimme the people food. That nuisance of a hair ball Lilo has invaded my domain yet again. My pack of Mo and Molly are organizing a sneak attack as we speak. Lilo's Alpha gets in the way. We must obey him, as he is the Alpha. He hypnotizes me somehow and convinces me to pretend to be dead. He finds that amusing. Someone has taken my squeaker; time to go break some knees. HEY! Step away from that bone or you'll lose that paw... I need to be pet, are you people just gonna sit around and read this or pet me? Right behind the ears please.

Left to right: Me (Koda), Molly, Mo.
Enough of this nonsense. It's time a boss dog set the record straight. We're not all excitable herding dogs. Some of us like to rule you humans.
::KODA! Get off my computer! Play dead!:: Can't.. resist.. must.. act.. dead...