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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rain, March Madness, Thunder

Alpha is insane. He's lost it. He took me to Monte Sano State Park Friday to camp. Fun, right? What he failed to mention was that the forecast was for THUNDERSTORMS. He said he wanted to test his rain fly for the hammock he sleeps in, I think he wants certifiable. Because there was no one else there (most hoomans DON'T camp in storms) I did get a lot of off-leash time. I spooked a pair of owls so Alpha could take their picture. They make funny noises.
Back to the storm. Alpha parked me under his hammock and rain fly. I love getting wet, but that thunder stuff? I'll pass. We stayed dry, but I finally convinced Alpha it was time to leave when the thunder got extreme around 7 am. He's starting to understand my whimpers.
In March Madness news, I've correctly picked 2 of the Final Four teams (Butler Bulldogs and UConn Huskies). My bracket is currently beating Alpha and 2.5 million other hoomans according to ESPN's Tournament Challenge. It's all about the dogs. We rule. If there were any Australian Shepherds in the tourney, they would win easily.
Oh dear, Alpha is getting out the Screaming Banshee of Death, time for me to go hide!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Running.. But not chasing

*pant* I'm tired. Alpha took me to the park. A hooman park. With a few dogs, but mostly hoomans. And they all wanted to be herded! Some were on two wheels sitting down and running, some had wheels on their legs, some just ran. They WANTED to be chased! I know it! And we were running too, just not chasing! But whyyyyyyyy!! We should have kept them all in a right group and going the same direction. Hmph. I did escape from Alpha's rope harness once. I did like I should and came back when he whistled. But not before I ran after a few hoomans.
Time to refill the tank. Keep running hoomans! I'm coming after you one day... One day...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Hit!

Heads up! This post comin' at ya hard and fast! My bracket is doing awesome. I started 4 for 4! Check the previous post. I'm dominating.
We just got back from a 2 mile run. Fun stuff. Bikes scare me. Is it gonna pass you? Is it gonna chase you? Is it gonna bunny hop over you? Who knows?!
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Guntersville State Park rocked. I chased the waves in the lake, I got to eat pieces of hamburger, I chewed through my leash, and then chewed through Alpha's kayak strap/backup leash (Don't tie me up and it won't happen, genius!). All around awesomeness. I even started to overcome my fear of things over water (docks, bridges, etc). Pics below. And click through the banners and buy stuff! Support you're favorite bloggin puppy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness Mascot Bracket!

My Guntersville Camping post is coming, I promise. But with March Madness about to kick off I HAD to throw up a post on my bracket. It involves a process almost as convoluted as the BCS system: pick the mascots. Complex I know! Here's some key points:
1. Most important point! Cats stink. They always lose. Any cat, lion, tiger, etc. If two cats play each other, the most ferocious feline wins. I hate cats.
2. Dogs always win. DUUUH. Dogs rule. If two dogs play each other, my favorite wins.
3. Animals beat hoomans. Sorry Alpha, hooman mascots are inferior. Aztecs? Really?
4. Inanimate objects/plants are auto disqualified. Silly mascots.
5. This "First Four" play in thing is silly. UNC-Asheville is the exception. Bulldogs!

Here we go.

In the East! I have a doggie friend in Johnson City, TN named Buckeye, so I have Ohio State it to the Elite Eight against the Washington Huskies. The Orangemen beat the Sycamores.. because Orange's are tasty and a Sycamore is a ridiculous mascot (I'm looking at you Indiana St). Not much commentary on the East, the Huskies start off by playing the Georgia Bulldogs, and since there's sooo many Bulldogs in the tourney (I thought Bulldogs only skateboarded) I went with the Huskies here.
The West!
Blue Devils beat Pirates. Duh. Volunteers beat Wolverines. Doggies! Wildcats and Tigers.. stupid cats. Tigers are more ferocious (Rule #1). More Huskies (UConn), keeping the Bison in a herd (see what I did there?? All dogs should herd. It's cool). Owls beat Nittany Lions (bleck! cat!). Elite Eight here consisted of a Husky and Volunteer. Since a Volunteer isn't REALLY a dog, just a LAME college's (cough..Tennessee..cough) attempt to be cool by using a dog as a mascot, we go with the Husky.
The Southwest!
Boston U. Terriers trash the Jayhawks. Annoying bird. Rebels beat the Illini.. because what squeaker toy is an Illini?! Spiders over Commodores (Rule #3). Eagles over Cardinals, for obvious reasons. Hoyas (wha..?) advance by default over the First Four (#5!). Irish over Akron Zips (like a zipper?) because I assume they're an Irish Wolfhound, or Irish Setter maybe...Elite Eight matchup is the Irish vs the Terriers. Terriers prevail.. because I really don't know what the Irish are.
The Southeast!
A First Four team makes it! UNC-Asheville Bulldogs! Skateboarders! Unfortunately they get matched up against ANOTHER Bulldog (from Butler) and since Bulldogs tire easily and the UNCA Dog played an extra game, the Butler Bulldog wins. Aggies over Wildcats.. Hoomans over cats!! Hooray! Bulldogs (of Gonzaga.. sheesh at the skateboards..) over the Red Storm (Seriously?). Terriers over Cougars.. Dogs Rule, Cats Drool!! Gators over Gauchos (Ok really?! a Gaucho?? I give up.) Tough game in the Elite Eight here.. another Bulldog vs Bulldog matchup. I go with Butler. I have trouble pronouncing 'Z's.
Washington Huskies vs UConn Huskies. Tough call. Husky on husky? I went with Dubs, the Washington Husky. He's a Malamute. Winner.
Boston Terriers vs Butler Bulldogs. Butler. Because the Terriers I know are spoiled and kinda wig me out.
Dubs the Husky for all the marbles. Just too much energy to contain in those Huskies.
So there you have it! It's a winner. Alpha's bracket doesn't have a shot.
And just for fun, skateboarding bulldogs!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Guntersville State Park

We just got back from camping at Guntersville State Park, and I am pooped! I was supposed to stay on a leash the whole time, and after I chewed through mine I think Alpha was unhappy. He did let me play in the lake though! I'll make a full post later, but it's nap time.