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Monday, October 17, 2011

Farm, Fish, and Friends

Alpha hogs the computer these days and doesn't share. I've been playing with new friends recently! We went to Alpha's grandfather's farm awhile back. My good friend and look-alike Maddie was there, and of course his grandfather's dog Hooch was an excellent host. Maddie and Hooch hate cats as even more than me! They swam in the water trying to capture the elusive catfish all day! That's the only explanation for them getting in that liquid of doom. Deep water is scary. I waited on Alpha to drag the catfish out of the water before I pounced. Pictures included!
I also stayed with my buddy (my Alpha used to be her Alpha) Roxie for a few days. Ladies, I must admit, I found my dream hunk. His name is Max and he came to play with Roxie and meet me. He's one fine stud. There's no other way to put it. We would make beautiful puppies. We played and played all day. I should be getting some pictures and maybe videos soon and I'll post them so you can all see his handsomeness.
I love to frolic!

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