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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A farm-style morning

FUN DAY!! We spent the night at Alpha's Pappaw's house last night. We've talked about his house/farm before in my last post. I had the BEST time out there. I got to play with Hooch again, he loves to fetch sticks, even out in the pond!! I prefer to chase Hooch while he fetches. Except in the water.. I don't like deep water so I wait on the bank and POUNCE like a lion when he gets close. Oh, bad reference.. lions are cats, fiendish beings. I pounce like a WOLF. Yea, a wolf. I decided chickens are fun; they're so easy to round up into a circle! I met a horse too. Those things are BIG.. I decided I would keep my distance just to be safe. I also met some miniature hoomans! Brody, Bryce, and Brittlee. They are part of the same pack, and they're all still puppies. They know how to have fun! They liked petting me, I wanted to tackle them so bad!! We want to play with them again.
It sure did wear me out. I can't wait to go back! I'm planning on spending alot more time there; there's just so much fun to be had!!

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