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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monte Sano Hiking

You hoomans better get outside, this weather is AMAZING!! Alpha took me up to Monte Sano State Park to enjoy it! Monte Sano is Spanish for 'Mountain of Health'. Yea, that's right, I know Spanish. I sniffed 167 trees. It was invigorating. I wanted to splash in a creek, but Alpha would only let me play at the edge. We got to see lots of great views. Alpha kept trying to get me to go close to the edge, but I wasn't having any of that! I don't even like walking on bridges over small creeks, he practically has to drag me across those.
Oh I gotta go! We're going to play outside!! Here's some pics from today.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Boston Terrier Made of Honor decided to go out of town for awhile, so I get a mini staycation! There's supposed to be more stuffing tonight, maybe Alpha won't have to go on his hunt tomorrow and we can pay in it!! ::Lilo, you know it's called snow, you talked about it last time:: Yeah, but stuffing sounds more fun! Stuffing stuffing stuffing!!

Beta's cheeseburgerhead friend is super excited about the Packer's going to the superbowl, and I've decided to root for them because I don't want the burglars to win. ::Ok wow, that needs some translating. Beta is Ashley, cheseburgerhead friend is Cheryl, I guess cheeseburgers are more appealing than cheese, and the burglars are the Steelers (steal-ers... What a moron):: Stop infiltrating my blog you fiend!! People like deciphering my language. Go buy me some yellows, all mine are under the couch.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Alabama style!!

Hey snow hoomans!! Alabama had a blizzard this weekend. TEN FEET !!! ::Lilo, you should tell them we got ten of YOUR feet:: Ooh fine. We got about seven human inches, and it is AMAZING. Alabama has to improvise when it comes to sledding, so Alpha modified a wakeboard to be a snowboard, and he taught us how to snowyak! (That's using a kayak as a sled.) We also used a snow ramp to get a little air. As the Boston Terrier Made of a Honor says, it was totally wicked!! Alpha didn't have to go on his hunt today, and neither did Alpha #2, that's Ashley. (Alpha won't let me call her Beta, he said it's not politically correct). She had a couple major wipeouts in the kayak, only one of which was Alpha's fault. Luckily he took the brunt of the damage then. Enjoy the video of me snowyaking!

Time to cheer for the SEC. I hate Ducks, they're so taunting...