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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ahh the weekend!

Happy fall hoomans!

Alpha and I were finally able to snag the computer from Ashley for a few minutes to give you an update. We found a new dog park close to our our home! There's always lots of friends there to chase. I usually end of being the one chased because I just like to run, so I tire all the other dogs out. One dog is mean and bites me, his alpha is more like a beta and doesn't have much control over him. Most dogs are nice they. Alpha is teaching me to drop what I'm doing when I hear a whistle and run to his side, I'm getting pretty good at it.
We also play hide and seek inside. I follow him everywhere, but sometimes I lose him and he hides in a dark closet until I find him. Sometimes he even scares me!

Our Boston Terrier that's made of honor ::LILO, call her Nessa, you're grasp of the English language isn't what you think it is:: FINE. I'll be BORING like you :p  Alpha and Ashley's friend NESSA (boring title, I like mine better) will be here in less than a week! This is an exciting event. I'm hearing many many fun things are planned and I can't wait!
AND Alpha's pack mate, Danel is returning from Colorado where he has been hunting prey since April! More excitement!!!! Alpha says he's been hunting prey that are under the water; water is scary! I don't go near it without my PFD. I bet we get to go hiking and camping lots more with Ben and Danel!!

Ok, time to watch more College Gameday. Why don't any teams have an Aussie mascot?? Alpha added more pics to my slideshow on the right side of my blog. Click on it to watch more!! Here's a sample:
That's me when I get myself stuck on a rock ledge.. I knew I shouldn't have been rock climbing.

Me and Ben in the mountains in Pisgah, NC! More in my slideshow!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I haz fun!

Now that I'm nearing my first (hooman) birthday, Alpha is taking me on all kinds of adventures! I decided to take a quick break and summarizes my recent adventures until Ashley gives our computer (and pictures!) back for me to fully update you.
We went bear hunting in North Carolina; Alpha says it was just camping and hiking, I know he secretly had be track bears though.
I'm the proud new owner of a kayaking life jacket (picture included)!
We're getting a roommate! All I know is that she's a Boston Terrier made of honor. ::Adam cutting in here, she's FROM Boston, like the terrier, and she's Ashley's Maid of Honor. Read that dictionary I bought you and stop watching Bolt.:: But John Travolta as Bolt is so perfect!! And I love Rhino!
Anywho, Vanessa the Boston Terrier made of honor (:p) is moving in soon. MORE PEOPLE!! Woohoo!
More updates and pictures to come!

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