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Monday, October 17, 2011

Farm, Fish, and Friends

Alpha hogs the computer these days and doesn't share. I've been playing with new friends recently! We went to Alpha's grandfather's farm awhile back. My good friend and look-alike Maddie was there, and of course his grandfather's dog Hooch was an excellent host. Maddie and Hooch hate cats as even more than me! They swam in the water trying to capture the elusive catfish all day! That's the only explanation for them getting in that liquid of doom. Deep water is scary. I waited on Alpha to drag the catfish out of the water before I pounced. Pictures included!
I also stayed with my buddy (my Alpha used to be her Alpha) Roxie for a few days. Ladies, I must admit, I found my dream hunk. His name is Max and he came to play with Roxie and meet me. He's one fine stud. There's no other way to put it. We would make beautiful puppies. We played and played all day. I should be getting some pictures and maybe videos soon and I'll post them so you can all see his handsomeness.
I love to frolic!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Houdini Ain't Got Nothin' On Me

I escaped! Alpha got a new lightweight house for me to stay in during the day. Instead of the heavy duty metal one, this one had mesh sides. Little did he know I was planning my escape like the fellas of Shawshank. One morning after he left I got a hole started in the mesh and I was FREEEEEEEEE! I found all his socks and carried them around. I found a squeaky animal and played with that. I even sat on the couch, but he has no proof of that. ::Hey puppy, you know you shed, right?::
But he finally came home and found me. Now I'm relegated to the metal house again, but I had my freedom!
No more updates on my haircut. I like my lovely locks. Maybe I'll chew the cord of the trimmers...
Alpha is going to Colorado without me! He's going to see Danel, his littermate. I would be a great bear dog. No bear would dare mess with me. I could even wear my backpack! I think I'm scared of flying though... maybe one day. Maybe one day.
Picture of my escape hole:

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yea, it's been awhile since I posted. Here's why:
Alpha and Beta got married.
Alpha and Beta LEFT ME for two weeks with the Boston Terrier Made of Honor (that's Nessa, she has a Mac but REFUSED to let me use it. I showed her by destroying her pillow in the middle of the night. She promptly put me in a cone of shame made from the pillow case).
Alpha and Beta bought a house and started their own blog about it HERE. The copycats. I hate cats.

So. Practically two months now that I've been second fiddle. They even played with another dog while they were gone two weeks!

The nerve of those two!!
Anyways. We have a new home now with our very own yard!
There's talk of my fur being shaved. Not sure what to think of that. I'll be tons cooler in this Alabama summer heat, but I look so pretty! More to come on that.
And for updates on Alpha, Beta, and their new home, be sure to check out http://theforeverhoneymoon.blogspot.com

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A farm-style morning

FUN DAY!! We spent the night at Alpha's Pappaw's house last night. We've talked about his house/farm before in my last post. I had the BEST time out there. I got to play with Hooch again, he loves to fetch sticks, even out in the pond!! I prefer to chase Hooch while he fetches. Except in the water.. I don't like deep water so I wait on the bank and POUNCE like a lion when he gets close. Oh, bad reference.. lions are cats, fiendish beings. I pounce like a WOLF. Yea, a wolf. I decided chickens are fun; they're so easy to round up into a circle! I met a horse too. Those things are BIG.. I decided I would keep my distance just to be safe. I also met some miniature hoomans! Brody, Bryce, and Brittlee. They are part of the same pack, and they're all still puppies. They know how to have fun! They liked petting me, I wanted to tackle them so bad!! We want to play with them again.
It sure did wear me out. I can't wait to go back! I'm planning on spending alot more time there; there's just so much fun to be had!!